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Ring Out [2017]

A series of giant towers hold suspended bell-like speaker cones. A team of ‘bell-ringers’ start to operate the industrial machinery and make the pendulum arms swing to and fro, gradually swinging higher and higher until each arm soars up over the heads of the audience ringing forth with a peel of electronic tones that combine into a transfixing harmony of pulsing drones.

Ring Out continues Ray Lee’s distinctive combination of sound and kinetic sculpture that pushes at the boundaries of street art by bringing high quality contemporary composition into the public realm.

Ring Out was commissioned by OCM, received a PRS New Music Biennial award, Arts Council England funding and support from Oxford Brookes University with performances for Hull (City of Culture) and at London South Bank, and a broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The work was developed at the 101 Outdoor Art Creation Space at Greenham Common, Newbury.

Fantastic drone footage from Brighton Festival 2021

See an interview with Ray Lee talking about the project with Kevin Le Gendre here:

I have posted a video from Ring Out at Llawn06 made by Soundlands on my blog. You can see that here:

Read more:

Touring and restaging:


  • Norfolk and Norwich Festival


  • Silvertown Square, Royal Docks, London for Greenwich and Docklands International Festival


  • Soundlands at Llawn Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, Wales


  • Southbank Centre, London
  • Hull City of Culture
  • Market Square, Corn Exchange Newbury
  • Clarendon Quad, Bodleian Library Oxford


  • LLAWN Llandudno, produced by Soundlands


Concept and Design: Ray Lee

Co-design and fabrication: Martin West, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre

Costume design, volunteer ringers training and general help and advice: Stavroula Kounadea

Produced by Simon Chatterton

Commissioned by: Oxford Contemporary Music

Funded by: PRSF New Music Biennial 2017, Arts Council England, Oxford Brookes University

Technicians: Martin West, James Ball, Edward Collins, Graham Elstone,  Tony James, Rob Lee