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World Theremin Quartet [2008]

Kinetica Art Fair, London 2010

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The Robotic Theremin Ensemble: Four Theremins, Three Robots, One Human

The Robotic Theremin Ensemble is Ray Lee plus a trio of robotic assistants making up a quartet of Theremins. Controlling the robotic arms with footswitches as well as through a MIDI sensor, Lee creates four part harmony, a counterpoint of robot and human interaction, to reveal music from the Ether.

Lee’s work combines the use of analogue technology with digital processes. His insect-like, raw mechanical constructions play authentic Theremins and his musical training enables him to create a true fusion of sound and image.

The Robotic Theremin Ensemble is a new work that develops both his fascination with the Theremin as an instrument that you play by manipulating its electromagnetic field and his interest in performance as a way of engaging an audience and revealing musical processes as part of a live experience.