Current projects

Towering above the audience a series of giant metal tripods support rotating arms.


Congregation is a participatory outdoor sound art performance piece. The interactive Sonic Spheres will guide the participants to a secret location by using sound alone with groups of spheres starting from a series of different locations in a city, but all being directed to a central undisclosed location.


Appearing to be artefacts from a hitherto unknown branch of science, Ethometric Instruments are curious, fascinating relics from a bygone age.

Ethometric Museum

A series of giant towers hold suspended bell-like speaker cones. A team of 'bell-ringers' make the cones swing higher and higher until each arm soars up over the heads of the audience ringing forth with a peel of electronic tones.

Ring Out

Siren is a spectacular performance piece that takes place within an installation of large sound sculptures; metal tripods with rotating arms that emit electronic drones.